In today’s competitive scenario the Efficient manpower plays the vital role in the growth & success of any organization. Recruiting the wrong kind of people can become a serious issue for any Organization. A defined recruitment process needs to be followed to ensure that the right person reaches the right place.

Our main target is to completely align the Recruitment Strategy with the business plan, so as to stay head of the curve with the leaders in recruiting Top Talents from the industry.
A general recruitment process involves Identifying vacancies, prepare job description and person specification, advertising, managing the response, short-listing, arranging interviews, conducting interviews, decision making, convey the decision and appointment action. This means that a lot of time and resources have to be invested.

Our Recruitment Process has been refined by the panel of experts to ensure that each candidate goes through a rigorous Recruitment process. This provides us the unique ability to provide you with skills depending upon the requirement.. Here is a brief of our recruitment process:

1. Client need assessment
a.. Define objectives and specifications.
b.. Understand client’s business and culture.
c.. Understand the job/position specifications.
d.. Understand roles and responsibilities of the prospective candidate.
e.. Develop a search plan and review with the client.

2. Candidate Identification
a.. Identify target sources.
b.. Extensive organization mapping, research & database search of the profile.
c.. Provide status report to client about the available talent pool

3. Candidate assessment and Presentation
a.. Screen and evaluate candidates.
b.. Personal Interviews with Candidates wherever possible – assess skills, interest level and cultural fit.
c.. Discuss the shortlist with the client and send resumes.

4. Candidate interview, selection & Presentation of Offer
a.. Facilitate interviews with the client.
b.. Obtain feedback.
c.. Participate in decision making process.
d.. Provide inputs on candidate’s desired compensation.

5. Closure & Follow up
a.. Negotiate offer acceptance.
b.. Execute Reference check, Compensation & Job Level Discussions.
c.. Coordinate Joining Formalities and on boarding as per predefined date.
d.. Closing review to understand client’s level of satisfaction..